For the last few decades, body pains are becoming one of the leading effects of a bad diet. The meat we eat has steroids in it. The fruit contains artificial flavour. Just about everything we take in is losing its essence. No matter how healthy we eat, something is lacking in originality about that food. Some people add supplements in their diet so their daily intake of calcium, vitamins and iron are fulfilled. They also work out every day to gain a healthy body and mind. Despite all the effort, the pain in their body continues to exist.

stiff neck


Neck and shoulder pain is caused by several reasons.

  • Muscle strain

When you strain your muscles by continuing in the same position for long hours, it causes neck and shoulder pain. The commonest examples are reading a book while lying in bed, playing games while sliding on your couch or hunching while working on your computer. All these postures lead to pain at the back.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue causes pains in a way that you get tired by performing the same tasks all day. The muscles get tired without exercise and therefore, you feel pain in your neck and shoulder region.

  • Fractures

Neck and shoulder pain can be a sign of a fractured collar bone or the shoulder blade. These fractures are highly painful and prevent the normal functioning of the areas.

  • Nerve Compression

Nerve compression can be extremely painful sometimes. This occurs due to old age or injury.

  • Injury

Injuries due to accidents lead to pain in different parts of the body. Proper instructions should be followed to get rid of such pains.

  • Diseases

Certain diseases cause neck and shoulder pain. These diseases include arthritis, cancer, meningitis, a stroke, tendonitis, and old age problems like slip disk and cervical spondylosis. As one grows old, body pains increase too. Diabetes and osteoporosis cause pains too.

  • Heart Attack

Sudden pain in the chest and neck region may be a sign of heart attack. Also, when the heart does not get sufficient oxygen, it faces a state of stable angina. This causes pain in the neck and shoulders.


Sometimes, you do not have to see a doctor for every problem that you have. Some issues can be fixed at home. Neck and shoulder pain should be treated at home first if the pain is not unbearable. There are many ways to do that. You can either look it up on the internet or read it in a book. Most home remedies are carried along with generations. They are taught by one person to the next. They are not mere myths and often work out just fine. Some of the most common ones are given below:

  • Take a Break

Oftentimes, taking a break from your routine is exactly what your body requires. If you put a stop on your sports for a while, the neck muscles may get a chance to ease.

  • Use a Warm Pad

A warm pad or a hot water bottle helps in relaxing the muscles. Use that for your neck and shoulder pain.

  • Try Ice

Inflammation can lead to pain in the neck and shoulder area. To decrease that, ice helps a lot. Rub ice or use an ice bag to relieve the pain.

  • Give Massager a Shot

This world is run using gadgets of all kinds. You can always buy a massager for yourself. A massager at home is easy to use and requires no hard work.

  • Change Posture

Neck pain is sometimes because of the wrong sleeping or sitting posture. The reason can be as simple as that. So, sitting or lying the right way for a few days can cure the pain.


If the pain goes beyond its ordinary level, get medical treatment. Moreover, if the home remedies seem to worsen the situation or have no effect at all, go see a doctor. That implies the problem is serious and should be properly treated. X-rays, CT scan, Electromyography and MRI are different medical examinations to identify the problem. These processes reveal the problem and the area of its location. Doctors usually recommend:

  • Painkillers

To get rid of the pain, the initial step is to take a painkiller. It relieves pain. Painkillers are either long-lasting or short-lived. But eventually, the pain comes back if the problem is not evaluated and treated.

  • Anti-inflammatory Medicines

Neck and shoulder pain is caused by inflammation too. To treat that, one needs to get anti-inflammatory medicines. It is better to get them prescribed by a reliable doctor.

  • Numbing Medicines

Numbing tablets or ointments help in reducing pain. These do not remove pain completely but reduce it to the level that you are not uncomfortable anymore.

  • Physiotherapy

Problems like frozen shoulder are caused mostly in old people having diabetes. This results in extreme pain and restricted movement of the shoulders. Physiotherapy aids the mobilization of the neck and shoulders. It improves the movement of the joints and treats chronic or acute pain.


Exercise is an important aspect of life. It should be a part of everyone’s routine. Many people get lazy and leave all kinds of exercises. They like to exercise only in times of crisis. This mindset needs to change. Basic level of exercise should be done every day to 1. Stay healthy and 2. Keep your mind active. Body pains arise due to the lack of physical activity in life. Some common types of exercises for neck and shoulder pain are explained below:

  • Neck Release

Neck release is a stretching exercise in which you tilt your chin towards your chest and keep it like that for 30 seconds. After that, you ring it back to your normal position. Repeat this 3-5 times.

  • Head Tilt

Tilt your head right and left, while stretching to the fullest. This works the neck muscles. This exercise can be done every day, even when there is no pain.

  • Shoulder Circles

This exercise helps in warming the shoulder muscles. Circle your arm clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Do this with both arms turn by turn. Repeat the motion twice a day for a week.

  • Shoulder Stretch

Put your forearm parallel to your body. Fix it against a wall or a door sill. Then turn your shoulder towards and away from the wall. Repeat the stretch multiple times to get good results.

  • Neck Rotation

Rotate your neck starting from one side and coming back to the same position. Do this in both directions. This helps the neck pain to go away.

Neck and shoulder pain is an increasing issue. The worrisome part is that it is not just in old people; many young people face it too. To stay safe from it, make your posture right, eat healthily and exercise daily. If it happens for some reason, figure out the cause and eliminate it. If home remedies fail, try medication. To get fast results, use a massager, do simple exercises after some rest, and take medicines. When the treatment is followed regularly, the pain ceases to exist in little to no time.

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