Yinlian acupoint(LR 11)belongs to the liver meridian of foot-Jueyin, which is commonly used for irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, vulvar itching, inner thigh pain, lower limb paralysis, etc.

Location of Yinlian acupoint

2 cun below QiChong acupoint(ST 30) at the proximal end of the thigh and on the lateral border of adductor longus.

Zuwuli acupoint

What is the meaning of Yinlian?

Yin Lian: Yin, refers to yin water Qi. Lian, the meaning of weaken and gather. The name of Yinlian acuoint means that the dampness water Qi of the liver meridian dissipate heat and absorb damp and contract here. The substance of Yinlian acupoint is the water and dampness Qi that expands from the Jimai acupoint. After reaching this point, the water and dampness Qi dissipates, shrinks and gathers in the acupoint.

What is Yinlian acupoint used for?

Efficacy: Soothes the liver, regulates channel and relieves pain.

Function: Yinlian point belongs to the liver meridian of foot-Jueyin, located on the inner thigh where the Qi of the liver meridian originates. The liver meridian mainly accumulates blood, so it can regulate the liver Qi, blood and channel,clear internal heat,used for irregular menstruation caused by stagnation of liver Qi,abdomen pain, intrathoracic pain, and acute pain of lower limb contracture caused by stagnation of Qi channel;

Indications:Irregular menstruation, red vaginal discharge, vaginal itching.abdominal pain, inner thigh pain, lower limb pain.

Yinlian acupoint therapy


Put four fingers together,press the Yinlian acupoint with the middle finger,the massing intensity what you will fell a sense of soreness for 3-5 minutes, 1 time each morning and evening.It can effectively regulate reproductive system diseases, such as irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, genital itching, and swelling if long-term massage.


Moxibustion for 3-5 unit; or moxa stick moxibustion for 5-10 minutes.

Compatibility of Yinlian Acupoint

Combined with Guanyuan, Guilai, Sanyinjiao,used for gynecological diseases;

Combined with Qugu, Ciliao, and Sanyinjiao,used for irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, itching, tinea corporis, etc.

Combined with Shenshu, Dahe, Mingmen and Taixi points ,used for infertility;

Combined with Weizhong, Ciliao and Pangguangshu acupoints,used for cystitis and bladder stones.

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