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 Zero gravity Massage Chair


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Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage Chair

The car & home back massager imitates the massage technology of real massage to reach a shiatsu deep kneading massage on the neck and back for back stress relief.

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5 Best Massage Chair Manufacturers In China

Before investing in something, one must learn the pros and cons of that certain item. A massage chair is something worth all the hype. The reason being it has a hundred advantages and negligible disadvantages. People with body aches, old age, stiff neck, sore muscles, troubled blood circulation or disturbed sleep cycle must buy a massage chair. It relaxes the body and has no harm. Moreover, in the modern-day and age, everyone is caught up in work all the time. It is nearly impossible to spare time and energy for workouts or any sort of physical activity. What is better than a chair for relieving stress? You don’t have to move even your finger before the job is done.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Talking of massage chairs, there are myriads of reliable manufacturers in China- who are known for producing high-quality products at a reasonable rate. The top five manufacturers are mentioned below.


Compliant with CB, CE, KC, PSE, CCC, RoHS, GS and various other standards is a company by the name of Anhui Jiugong Wellness Industry. As the name implies, this manufacturer undoubtedly cares about the wellness and health of its customers. It produces massage chairs, massage sofa chairs and massagers. These products are exported to North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and other countries around the world owing to their quality. This company updates its standards of production every year. New and advanced features are added yearly.

Anhui Industry produces chairs for common use like Litec Shaping Massage Chair Lt307 as well as multipurpose advanced chairs like Hi-End Luxury Zero Gravity 3D Massage Sofa Chair. Nevertheless, the aim of the creation of all the massage chairs is to provide maximum comfort to the user.


Orfree Fujian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures all sorts of massage chairs. Unlike many other technology companies, this company does not produce other goods. Its main focus lies on the massage chairs, their types, functioning, updated features, etc. Therefore, it is ranked as the best manufacturer on many websites. The online website of this business is sufficiently informative. All the important features of each chair are lucidly mentioned. Furthermore, each product is captured in a video too. It helps the users to learn how to operate the chair and what it looks like. Photos from all sides and angles are taken and provided on the store so that it gets easier for the beginners to decide.

The site provides vast options for buyers. There are massage chairs for common use and then there is a category of chairs unseen by many. Once you begin exploring the store, you find many new items and maybe one of the alien massage chairs is what you precisely need. The types of massagers are usually Coin Chair massager or Electric chair massager. The variety differs according to the requirements of the buyer. The chair used for spa or mere luxury is usually different from the one bought for office or home. Another option is the multifunctional massage chairs available here as they can be used anywhere and serve many purposes.


The reason for Hefei Morningstar to be on the list of best-ranking massage chairs is the comfort it provides with its products. This trading company manufactures simple massage chairs, vending massage chairs, zero-gravity massage chairs and some other massage equipment. Massage beds are also available here. With its advanced technology, Morningstar is approved internationally. It has also passed ISO09007 quality system certificate. The price range of the massage chairs manufactured by Morningstar is wide. There are chairs in a cheap range too that serve all purposes. The quality of the product at a low price is commendable. Plus, the material they use for chairs is mostly genuine leather which adds to the comfort of the experience.

The categories of massage equipment are manifold. There are beauty furniture massage chairs that are splendid to look at and enhance the beauty of the room they are placed in. The power massage chair provides a full body massage that is ideal for people with sedentary lifestyles. Some massage machine chairs are controlled by remote, saving the person from moving in the slightest. The latest ones have music as well as Bluetooth facilities in it, thus, allowing maximum pleasure.


Another reliable audited supplier based in China is Fujian Ningde Maibang Electronic Co., Ltd. The motto of this company is “let your efforts above your excuses.” It focuses on the quality of the product as well as the service given to the customers. They deliver their items fast and listen to the concerns of the customers. The favourable prices of the massage chairs make this company admirable. The type, style, voltage, weight, application, and all minor details of the massage chairs are put forth the customer before they reach a conclusion. Moreover, the material specifications and the type of technology used in every product is also explained. Fujian Ningde Maibang Electronics are built keeping the medicinal aspects in mind.

As these chairs cater to the needs such as body aches, these are carefully designed by professionals. Airbags are used all over to ease all parts of the body. The leather used is comfortable. Wave massage of arms and swing massage of the body is available in many chairs. Some massage chairs also benefit users with a back heating system. Now, who wouldn’t want that? All these different techniques of the massage relax the aching or fatigued body.


Based in Fujian is another supplier and manufacturer of massage chairs. Fuan Suzuko Electronic Technology is a factory that produces the latest models of massage chairs. They come in all sizes and for all purposes. Their technology is commendable as it is up-to-date and well-liked by its customers. Among its hot products are chairs that come up with air pressure functions from head to toe, wireless Bluetooth audio, infrared heating mechanism, adjustable intensity, airbags, etc. The list is never-ending. So is the comfort you derive out of it. These machines have massage rollers that knead, flap, knock and roll at either a fixed point of the body or generally everywhere. Also, a scanning program for shoulders is installed in some luxury chairs that give massage according to the stature of every person. The highly comfortable and multifaceted machines produced by this business are what makes it stand out among other manufacturers.

Relax your mind and body using the right kind of massage chair. There are many reliable manufacturers of these machines but the best ones are mentioned above.  If you have decided to spend a good amount on a massage chair, then choose the right company to make the experience worthwhile. Incorrect selection of the massage chair may lead to further damage of body, resulting in tremendous loss and pain. To reactivate your metabolism and get a full-fledged massage experience, narrow down the best machines from the above-mentioned sources according to your budget. It is your right to feel fresh and healthy, despite all the pressures of the world.

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